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Bucks Party Tips

If you are looking for Bucks party tips, then look no further as you are in completely safe hands with Epic Holidays. If you are about to lose one of the boys from your group, then the least you should do about it is to send him off with a bang as well as give him a good bucks party to remember. The stag dos should thing but memorable.

Pick a Destination and Date

You ought to select three different targets that are based on the Bucks interest and then present them to him. These should vary from; a fun getaway, a local option and an absolute location. Also, the date chosen should be six weeks in advance although it is advisable to avoid any major holidays. If you choose an overseas destination, then you can expect fewer people to attend.


Where are You Staying?

Varying according to the place, it is a hotel/house/hostel argument here. In a house, everyone will be together, and the mutual bonding occurs more organically and proves to be much cheaper although the sleeping situation is much harder and you have to clean up or rather live in a mess. A group of 15 guys sharing one house gets dirty fast. Hotels are typically the best option for stag dos as they are centrally located. Thus you are closer to the action. Normally, they have pools so you can meet ladies and have a fun atmosphere. They are also kept clean thus a good choice. A hostel is the cheapest option and a lot more fun as meet with international travelers.

The Guest List

Unavoidably, the Buck will tend to assume that everyone will attend although this is not the case hence you should advise him to be a bit realistic and expect a list of about 10 to 15 friends. You ought to invite about 20 of them and expect 10 to 15 to attend.

Early Bookings

There are group discounts usually available if you plan and many companies also offer credit options so you can pay later. It is best to the first book the hotel then get locked in.

Create an Email list or Facebook page

You should create a group so you can start coming up with fun ideas for the stag do party. Ensure that you get everyone in the list and start up a fun conversation so everyone can participate.


It is also advisable to book all your activities early so you can have an actual plan to avoid arguments in future due to poor prior planning. Booking paintball or karting is a good way for everyone to bond during the day. Also, do not overbook the activities thus there should only be one activity each day. It is also good to get a small commitment from everyone to make an initial deposit.

Whether it is The Hang Over, The Wolf of Wall Street or The Inbetweeners style Stag dos Party, is up to you to decide. Make wise decisions to ensure that the parties become memorable.

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